Lytro Camera’s-Good or Bad?

Lytro cameras are not very well-known, they haven’t hit the big stores yet and the company is still improving their technological design. The whole idea that makes Lytro cameras different is the fact that after you take the picture you can select what you want to focus on. So instead of having to custom focus on you digital camera, you can just pull out your Lytro and take the shot fast, not wasting any time. the after the fact focus is an amazing idea, and could be very helpful for the beginning photographer. when i first heard of this i thought it was amazing, i have always hated how much work i went through to take a macro shot. but after i did some research i noticed that the quality sucks. its low-resolution means that its pictures are not very focused, with 1.2 megapixles 1080×1080 pixels. that is not very good for someone like me, i like to print out large prints. my theory is that the Lytro can be better used for portrait shots, like when your out with your friends and you want to capture the moment, not for close up shots of spiders. one thing i do really like is that it is low-light sensitive, so taking pictures in low light settings is not a problem. i think that the Lytro design shows promise for the future, and is something to watch out for. I will be watching for updates and improvements, and I hope that the technological team can improve upon these factors.


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