My Favorite Blogs!

I would love to give some more publicity to some amazing photographers i randomly stumbled upon this morning. after going through some of their blog posts i was amazed, these people must travel a lot! One blogger i liked (and left a pretty long comment on) was Leanne Cole, my favorite post so far was No Running in the Corridors. i liked the fact that she showed us what the photo would be like in different color filters, and asked for our opinions (i liked the sepia, it gives me a post-apocalyptic vibe). another blogger I liked, I don’t know the persons name, was Noisy Pilgrims, I was fortunate enough as to have seen a picture that had just been posted, Plain Tiger Butterfly. I was amazed, and left the web site hungry for more. the clarity this blogger was able to capture was amazing, and it makes me think of how many times i have helplessly failed at trying to capture the same type of buttery shot. I just want to give  some credit to one more blogger i have been fallowing a bit, is Patrick Latter. alright, I have to go, Adios!


What You Want When Your Leaving the House!

Every time I leave the house I have my camera with me, I guess it has developed into a bit of a habit (: But even if I have my camera there are still other things that prove to be helpful in finding that one winner shot out of hundreds (at least in my experience). Things you want when your leaving the house;

  • Your camera obviously!
  • If you are someone with long hair I would say a hair tie, I have always run into problems on a windy day when my hair is blowing around in front of my lens and all over my face!
  • Bring either a tripod or a person, i have often used the top of someones head as a flat surface similar to a tripod. One cheep and easy tripod is the DIY string tripod. Also for $10.00 you can get the Bottle cap tripod.
  • Before you leave the house check your camera’s battery, or always have an extra in your camera bag!
  • If you are in the rainy season make sure your bag is water proof or if you are cheep like me just a plastic zip lock bags works fine to keep your camera dry.
  • depending on your camera, make sure you have the right lenses for where ever you are going or whatever picture you are planning on taking. (Ex. Flower garden=macro lens for those colorful close-up shots).
  • If you are using a film camera you may want extra film or flashes.
  • Extra memory chips if you are planing to take TONS of pictures or you are at risk of running out of room.
  • If where ever you are going you are planning on staying the night, bring a charger and a computer cable (if you have your computer with you).
  • Something to clean your lenses in case of emergency!
  • for those of use who find ourselves running out of the house holding our shoes and dropping things every which way, Iwould suggest putting all of your camera essentials in a handy camera bag. They can get a little pricey, but it really is worth it. Without one there is the risk of dirt and scratches on your lenses and your camera. Here are some ideas. Example of a super organized bag… i defiantly don’t have that many camera parts ->

Just remember, even if you don’t have some of these things with you don’t worry! Many of the pictures I have taken I have been completely unorganized. good luck and embrace the moment 😀

Hawaii Sunset #1

I wanted to add some of my own work into the mix, this is a picture I took over the summer on my way to Hawaii. My best friend and I took a sail boat there with 4 other people. This was taken on the 10th day out of the total of 18 days on the Boat SIHAYA. I will probably be posting more pictures of the trip later (: Ta ta for now!

What I Want Next From the G-series.

I was thinking of posting a blog of what I would want next after the G12 that came out around two years ago, but it looks like canon has beaten me to it. now i just hope that it lives up to my high expectations ;D.

What I want:

  • A faster focus
  • A faster Zoom lens
  • Continuous shooting, faster shooting speed.
  • i have always liked the screen on the G12, the way that you can move it around, i hope they keep that!
  • I would like to have the settings a little easier to get around, my parents used to drive me crazy because i was the only one who could change all of the settings.

Fall Photography!

Fall is upon us! Fall is the season for pumpkin pie and apple cider, as well as a perfect opportunity for amazing fiery photography. the colors for this season are bright and vibrant, and you want to make sure to catch every fallen leaf this season. I would say the best times to take pictures this season and sometimes always would be over cast days, helps not drown out the colors! catch some cute fall moments with your family, and take some pictures from different perspectives (there’s no harm in crouching on the ground for a macro shot!). fall pictures can be more than gold, yellow, and red leaves and trees, don’t forget pumpkin patches, fall foods, farms, and anything else changing during this spectacular season.

Photography Apps

there are a lot of photography apps out there, either for editing for for taking the picture. The most common photography app is definitely Instagram. The one reason that people like that app a lot would be the social network, but i feel like its not so much about the photography itself.

The one app that intrigued me while i was reading about good camera apps would be Camera+.

I have never used this app but it looks good, practical, and easy to use for a quick picture. It advertises having 16 scene modes to bring out the best in your photo so you can match up the lighting in your scene with the mode. There have been a lot of complaints that there is no video feature on the app, but i like it that way.