My Favorite Blogs!

I would love to give some more publicity to some amazing photographers i randomly stumbled upon this morning. after going through some of their blog posts i was amazed, these people must travel a lot! One blogger i liked (and left a pretty long comment on) was Leanne Cole, my favorite post so far was No Running in the Corridors. i liked the fact that she showed us what the photo would be like in different color filters, and asked for our opinions (i liked the sepia, it gives me a post-apocalyptic vibe). another blogger I liked, I don’t know the persons name, was Noisy Pilgrims, I was fortunate enough as to have seen a picture that had just been posted, Plain Tiger Butterfly. I was amazed, and left the web site hungry for more. the clarity this blogger was able to capture was amazing, and it makes me think of how many times i have helplessly failed at trying to capture the same type of buttery shot. I just want to give  some credit to one more blogger i have been fallowing a bit, is Patrick Latter. alright, I have to go, Adios!


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