Denis Darzacq

If you don’t know who this guy is, your in for a surprise. When i think of a photo that shows the impossible, i think of his work. Darzacq takes stunning images of people in the air or in mid flight, their bodies twisted into weird positions and in strange places. Some of my personal favorites are these, i think of it as a commercial for Nike… 

These are only the ones for Nike, more can be found here. I think that Darzacq’s technique is new and exciting, at least for me (: i have seen photos captured in the air, or amazing stills capturing a jump or leap, but Darzacq takes it to a whole new level. He makes to see the unbelievable, and shows you what amazing things humans are capable. Some pictures I am still wrapping my head around, like the one below… Anyone have any ideas of how this could be possible?! Maybe if she like jumped really high and through herself forwards…  Just don’t try it without some experience first guys, looks like you could defiantly hurt yourself. Well if you have got nothing better to do I would go look at some of this guys pictures, because they really are truly amazing!


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