In the beginning…

When i first started taking pictures i was only doing it because my dad told me to. It would be during a big family get together, my dad would be in the corner chatting with one of my sisters and from across the room he would yell ‘hey Grace! Get out the camera and take some pictures!’. Soon after i would send the pictures out and the next time my sisters saw me they would say ‘Grace i liked the pictures! your good at that!’. After some praise i began caring about the pictures i was taking. I would take pictures from different angles, I would bring  my camera with me every where, and i would even do some Photoshop. I never cared about settings i just thought it was as simple as point and shoot. I wish i could go back in time and give my self a little lesson on the basics of photography, because i wasted a lot of amazing photo opportunities. I took a lot of awesome vacations at this time in my life, Mexico, train trip across America, Denver, and i could have been capturing beautiful things throughout all of this. now, don’t laugh, but i wish i could have just read Digital SLR photography for dummies! Wow. that sounded like some sorta cheep advertising, but its true. I think learning everything about the features of your camera and learning everything about photography will help you reach your full potential.


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