What You Want When Your Leaving the House!

Every time I leave the house I have my camera with me, I guess it has developed into a bit of a habit (: But even if I have my camera there are still other things that prove to be helpful in finding that one winner shot out of hundreds (at least in my experience). Things you want when your leaving the house;

  • Your camera obviously!
  • If you are someone with long hair I would say a hair tie, I have always run into problems on a windy day when my hair is blowing around in front of my lens and all over my face!
  • Bring either a tripod or a person, i have often used the top of someones head as a flat surface similar to a tripod. One cheep and easy tripod is the DIY string tripod. Also for $10.00 you can get the Bottle cap tripod.
  • Before you leave the house check your camera’s battery, or always have an extra in your camera bag!
  • If you are in the rainy season make sure your bag is water proof or if you are cheep like me just a plastic zip lock bags works fine to keep your camera dry.
  • depending on your camera, make sure you have the right lenses for where ever you are going or whatever picture you are planning on taking. (Ex. Flower garden=macro lens for those colorful close-up shots).
  • If you are using a film camera you may want extra film or flashes.
  • Extra memory chips if you are planing to take TONS of pictures or you are at risk of running out of room.
  • If where ever you are going you are planning on staying the night, bring a charger and a computer cable (if you have your computer with you).
  • Something to clean your lenses in case of emergency!
  • for those of use who find ourselves running out of the house holding our shoes and dropping things every which way, Iwould suggest putting all of your camera essentials in a handy camera bag. They can get a little pricey, but it really is worth it. Without one there is the risk of dirt and scratches on your lenses and your camera. Here are some ideas. Example of a super organized bag… i defiantly don’t have that many camera parts ->

Just remember, even if you don’t have some of these things with you don’t worry! Many of the pictures I have taken I have been completely unorganized. good luck and embrace the moment 😀


Lytro Camera’s-Good or Bad?

Lytro cameras are not very well-known, they haven’t hit the big stores yet and the company is still improving their technological design. The whole idea that makes Lytro cameras different is the fact that after you take the picture you can select what you want to focus on. So instead of having to custom focus on you digital camera, you can just pull out your Lytro and take the shot fast, not wasting any time. the after the fact focus is an amazing idea, and could be very helpful for the beginning photographer. when i first heard of this i thought it was amazing, i have always hated how much work i went through to take a macro shot. but after i did some research i noticed that the quality sucks. its low-resolution means that its pictures are not very focused, with 1.2 megapixles 1080×1080 pixels. that is not very good for someone like me, i like to print out large prints. my theory is that the Lytro can be better used for portrait shots, like when your out with your friends and you want to capture the moment, not for close up shots of spiders. one thing i do really like is that it is low-light sensitive, so taking pictures in low light settings is not a problem. i think that the Lytro design shows promise for the future, and is something to watch out for. I will be watching for updates and improvements, and I hope that the technological team can improve upon these factors.